Invent something worth producing, with a story worth telling, and an impact worth talking about.

A range of natural and high quality products – made with love – using plantain and other raw exotic ingredients. Our chips are enjoyed as part of an ethical diet that satisfies both your palate and a healthy lifestyle.

3 healthy product lines to satisfy your wellbeing.

Our Chips line

The Musae Project supports social and creative development.

Unlocking a new sensory experience to bring the community together and fully explore each other’s passions and creativity.

Our Healthy line

The Nutrigenomics Project explores how food choices influence nutrition.

Nutrition is seen as foundational for long-term health benefits, sustained physical well-being, and to support our metabolic health.

Our Nature line

Eresys project converts organic waste into fertilizer and biofuel.

Bringing exotic and tropical nature closer to people and developing innovative solutions that contribute to a greener planet.

A story of love and passion

Our story was born in a distant land and natural paradise in Honduras, Central America. It started with a special woman called Eydi Amador, who carries fond memories from her childhood filled with Plantain Chips.