Healthy Line

The selection of raw materials and attention to the production process give our products outstanding natural and nutritional properties.

Since ancient times, humans have been very interested in the relationship between food and health, associating specific ingredients with healing properties or contributing to well-being and longevity.
With thanks to modern scientific progress and recent medical specializations we are increasingly able to precisely understand the relationship between food and the systems that regulate homeostasis: the endocrine, nervous, and the microbiota. Inspired by this continually updated medical-scientific knowledge, we have chosen to encapsulate the beneficial power of our raw materials in

innovative flours and the world’s first plantain pasta, making them accessible to people in endless applications, stimulating their creativity.
Naturally gluten-free, the products in our Healthy line are suitable for those with autoimmune diseases, starting from celiac disease, and can also be adapted to the diets of those with autism, Alzheimer’s patients (and so on…).
Moreover, our flours and pasta are perfect for those who follow a vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, or paleo diet. Overall, the products in our Healthy line are recommended for anyone with the goal of improving their physical and mental well-being.

Batata flour

Cassava flour