A story of love and passion.

Our story was born in a distant land and natural paradise in Honduras, Central America. It started with a special woman called Eydi Amador, who carries fond memories from her childhood filled with Plantain Chips.
Eydi falls in love with an Italian man, gets married and moves to Italy, where she has been living now for over 30 years. Her lifelong passion for cooking drives her to experiment with combining two of the cultures closest to her heart, producing the fantastic Tajaditas with the finest Italian quality. Two of the most beautiful cultures in the world meet almost by chance, and it’s love at first sight.
What started as a family affair, so tasty and creative, enticed anyone who tried the chips.
It was incredible to see that not only friends and family fell in love with her chips, but nearby restaurants and venues also wanted to offer them to their customers.

Soon, the products’ success transformed from Eydi’s kitchen into a great adventure among the best flavors in the world. We realized that what we had created was the perfect snack to enhance the little moments of joy spent with friends and family.
Today, the dream has become a company.
Our purpose is driven by wanting to contribute to the well-being of our consumers.
We have created a creative, natural, and top-quality product portfolio, uniquely balancing the desire for flavor and discovery, while aligning to health trends and product certification standards. Comprising three complementary product lines, we have developed three special projects that support our ambitious endeavors in addressing current challenges in global society.
We chose to name this adventure Platatine!

Our Values



To amaze consumers with our unique products derived from exotic and nutrient-dense ingredients, while satisfying three fundamental elements: taste, health, and creativity.

– With the gourmet Chips line, we offer innovative shapes, colors, and flavors for people to enjoy together. Perfect for aperitifs and garnishing menu dishes, they are also a delicious excuse to take a break and share a snack with friends.

– With the Healthy line, we make unique types of flour and the world’s first certified plantain pasta which is perfect to be enjoyed by those with strict nutritional needs, without sacrificing taste, fun, and creativity in the kitchen.

– With the Nature line, we directly import our fresh, controlled, and certified raw materials to Italy. We provide them to fruit and vegetable wholesalers to quench your desire to experiment with exotic ingredients and feel closer to different cultures.



Using our products and community projects to address societal challenges, while placing the well-being of people at the center of its three main dimensions: social, physical, and environmental.
Sponsored by the Chips line, we aim to promote social well-being through the Musae project, providing people with an innovative tool to stimulate and share their creative passion and abilities.
In support of the Healthy line, we have developed the Nutrigenomics project with the goal of exploring and sharing knowledge about the relationship between food, nutrition and our metabolism, bringing the most advanced nutritional sciences into play.
Linked to the Nature Line, the ERESYS (Earth Rescue Systems) project deals with the development of advanced, distinctly Italian technologies in the field of waste biomass management.
These technologies can transform waste biomass into fertilizer that gives back to Mother Earth. Using recovery solutions and biofiltration of organic wastewater, biofuels can also be converted into electric or thermal energy contributing to a low carbon economy.
Aiming for a true sustainable transition into the field of food waste reduction, the project represents both a technological and innovative revolution to manage organic waste.
Moving away from a centralized approach in large, inefficient plants, we aim to encourage the adoption of decentralized technologies that treat waste biomass directly at the source where it is generated.
The proximity allows for significant savings both economically and in CO2 emissions, as well as redistributing the residual value of the biomass itself.



Our future depends on humanity’s ability to safeguard the health of the planet and its natural environment. In this regard, the company employs a series of best production practices to operate in harmony with the environment.

– All products are 100% natural, without the use of artificial substances that can have a large environmental footprint. All raw materials are certified and cultivated without the use of chemicals, respecting their natural harvesting cycles.

– Zero waste goal: Leveraging synergies between our Chips and Healthy lines, the company maximizes use of raw materials, while our minimal organic waste and used oil is transformed into other natural products giving them a new purpose for society.

– All packaging and materials used by the company are 100% recyclable.



Since day one, our project has been built on the values of family and interculturality. We offer a family-oriented work environment for our collaborators, and source our raw materials directly from their native origins, supporting rural cultivation communities. Finally, we plan to share our technological and scientific advancements and knowledge acquired through the Nutrigenomics and Eresys projects to also benefit these same countries.